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[hyperthermophile fussion proteins industry]Original title: Xiao Jie Minister stopped the reporter and did not let the reporter? On the morning of March 7th, the Meadia Center held a reporter meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress▲▼●, invited the Minister of the Ministry of Finance to Xiao Jie△▷□◆, Deputy Minister Shi Yao Bin, and Hu Jinglin answered questions▲=□=. “Government” (WeChat ID: xjbzse) noted that the audience will last for 1 hour and 20 minutes★-, and the unmoid Xiao Jie, there are 3 times ▽-“playing”☆•◆, infected the whole. When the reporter will start, after Xiao Jie, he waved his hand, and the photographers present were gathered on the front shooting. “I stood up again▲-■▽.▷▼” I saw the reporter to take a photo▷△, Xiao Jie stood up, waving to the audience again○◇○, his ▲•△”cooperation▷-” caused the laughter. At this point, there is a reporter on the right side, “Minister▪▷◆▷, this side▼▷!” Xiao Jie waved to the righ fish gelatin kosher.

Original title: Asian drink milk after milk? Chinas technology is perfect decal application fluid recipe japanese fish collagen nano peptides! Speaking of milk==-, I believe that the emotions in my heart are very complicated○-. Li Keqiang talked about the five years in the governments work report, China has been transforming the traditional industry, improving the quality and efficiency of supply system. Milk is a key point. After years of governance and efforts▷••◁, the manufacturing level of the Chinese dairy industry, the quality of dairy products, in fact, has already reached the international first-class level, but this mouth is in love milk, many people What is the most authentic situation in China in this industry? CCTV Finance ●…”Economic Half-hour” reporter conducted an investigation. 4 staff members of 1300 tons of milk can be completed every day△▽★, I dont see a drop of mil.

Original title▽○●…: Economic Daily, Five Wen-●, Deep Interpretation On On July 31, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting○△□◇, analyzing the current economic situation and deploying economic work in the second half of the year. From August 1st to 5th, the Economic Daily published a commentator article for five consecutive days••, and interpretation of how to treat the current economic situation◇▪△. The five articles are “in the promotion of stability◁▷”, “-☆-▲” Correctly guiding economic and social development expectations “” Only the •△”to attack the difficulties can win the future” “Doing your own things should be changed” “” should change the new challenge =-▲” Highlight new as ◆◇”.” Lets take a look at the stability of the promotion, stabilize, and to do well in the second half of the economy▼◁, you must highlight a “stable” word, that is to ensure the stability of the economic and social situation. ▶ Keep the =★▷”stability” of the econom how much does gelatin cost☆•….

Original title: Wu Guanghui, deputy general manager of 2018=▷▽•, two sessions, Merchants Flight,▷□■: The third domestic big plane first flight, Wu Guanghui, answered the reporter. The Beijing News reporter Xue Yu took the Beijing News News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) This afternoon, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a plenary meeting. After the meeting, the deputy general manager of the National Peoples Congress, the deputy general manager of Shangfei Company△=…•, the academician of the C919 chief designer Wu Guanghui received an interview-▪◆■. Before the end of the year○☆◆, the third C919 will first fly, and there will be three aircraft in the next year▷▲•. For the reporter asked the latest progress in the C919 large plane, Wu Guanghui introduced that in May last May▽◁□, the first C919 plane first flight, flew the second frame••▲●, and two aircraft flew 23 shelves. The recent reason is not flying because it is doing modification. The first increase in water is related to i□…△….