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[organic pectin]Original title: Academician He Huawu: High-speed rail drone in high-speed speed up to 350 kilometers will be the first application of Beijing “new four inventions” in Beijing, and high-speed rail has become Chinas most shining business card. In the new round of technology revolution, how does China keep their own high-speed business cards leading? How will traffic in the future change peoples lives? On May 19th, the 2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurial Fair◇☆•, one of the “Future Technology=□•-” forums was held▷▪. Top high-speed rail experts from China talk about the future traffic in their minds◁△▽. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, General Technical Consultant General Manager of China Railway Corporation said that as of 2017, the national railway network operation mileage is 1.27,000 kilometers▷■-, of which high-speed railway network operates over 25,000 kilometers, China Hi.

Original title: From April 15th, the migrants under the age of 35 can be directly settled in Hangzhou. Which major can settle directly◆…☆▪? What materials have been declared? Learn about! These majors can directly settle according to the relevant approval requirements of the municipal government, from April 15th, Hangzhou implements the new version of the full-time college seconds and shortage professional catalog application of single cell protein in food industry collagen powder drink•■■ food grade gelatin bulk atlantic gelatin! Electrical technology◆•▲, international trade☆◆, computer and applications★▼◇, 56 primitive professional catalogs such as marketing, can no longer go directly from April 15th. The removal, the professional catalog is as follows: 35 years old, the full-time college graduates in the new adjustment directory, can be directly to the propos▷…■?

Xinhua News Agency, China▼◁□, 13th National Peoples Congress, the fourth plenary meeting▷★●-, issued a decision on the establishment of the 13th National Peoples Congress, and decided to establish 10 special committees. These 10 specialized committees are: National Committee•◁, Constitution, and Law Commission, Monitoring and Judicial Committee=▷•, Financial Economic Commission, Education Science and Culture and Health Council, Foreign Affairs Committee, Overseas Chinese Committee, Agricultural and Rural Commission, Social Construction Committee The special committees consisted of a number of director members, deputy director members, and a number of members. According to the Regulations of the National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress of China The National Peoples Congress needs to review the draft supervision law during the General Assembly□★◇☆, and the National Peoples Congress Financial Economic Commission needs during the General Assembl.