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[collagen peptide amino acid]Original title: The 10-person task of the National Peoples Day will be a major source of task: “Changan Street,” WeChat public account▼-▪▲, this morning◇○•, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the first meeting of the Bureau, and pushed 10 people such as Guo Battle▷□◇•. Standing chairman. There is no doubt that they will undertake important tasks at this national people. How does the 10 executive chair have? Changan Street, ID◁○◆•: Capitalnews, to the small partners◁-△★, in accordance with the law□-…, after the Bureau of the General Assembly, the first meeting of the Bureau, the first meeting of the Bureau. The duties of the Stadium of the Bureau are to convene and host the Bureaus conference-○; may make recommendations to the Bureau on matters within the scope of the Presidium△☆▷●, and can arrange the meeting schedu□•△■.

Original title○▼○□: Anhui two cars rear-end accident caused 8 dead accident truck drivers involved in the fatigue driving in the new network, recently, Anhui has a hazardous chemical transport vehicle collided with fire and caused 8 people to die, 4 A serious accident of human injuries▪★•▲. The traffic management brigade of Tianchang City Public Security Bureau of Anhui Province today said in the official Weibo, the exhaust truck is allegedly illegally overloaded, fatigue driving when the brakes do not collide with the illegal parking in front of them. At 2:00 on June 28=★▷…, Du Mou drove the K6xxxx number heavy semi-hanging truck (39 tons of the total traction, 69.9 tons of coal gangue), along the Anhui Province, Fuyang City, Fuji County S102 West travel to 100 kilometers plus 700 meters, rearray the tailing collision▽▷○, a certain driving of a certain driving, ND1X.

Original title△▼=: Scholars talk about the establishment of Natural Resources: Avoid planning “fighting”, saving administrative costs March 13, the State Council institutional reform plan for consideration of the 13th National Peoples Congress●▽…◆. After the adjustment of the State Council institutional reform program△=◇-, the Ministry of State-level agencies were reduced, 7 deputy-level agencies, except that the State Councils Office, 26 formulation sectors, the State Councils institutional reform plan has caused strong reverberation in Tianjin The reform of the State Council will promote the economic development of the State Councils reform is the profound change of national governance▲□. ★■▪△”The State Council Institutional Reform Plan is an important deployment of the Party Central Committee from strategic global and long-term development. It is 40 years of reform••◁, and the reform is the largest, involved The most wide▷▷◇◆, reflecting the management system and the modernization of the management capaci=○☆?

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Supreme Checklist Cao Jianming□▷••: Correcting the wrong case requires courage◇=○▪, working on the court to work today (March 10th)□☆△, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting, the whole meeting of Sichuan delegation☆■▲, the highest people Cao Jianming, the procuratorate of the procuratorate=▷, attended the meeting☆□-○, and heard the representative consideration “two high” reports-▲=. Beijing News reporter Xue Yu Xia Xue News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) Today (March 10), the 13th National Peoples Congress▷○▽, the Sichuan Delegation considered two high reports○-, the National Peoples Congress◇▪, the highest inspection Jian Ming said that the court corrected the wrong case requires courage, praise the court◁••. Cao Jianming said that the highlight of the work of the court has fully demonstrated the new meteorological environment in the new era, and creating a good legal environment for economic developmen◆■.

[Medium Boat Group said that there is no notice from the merger] China Ship Night Announcement, Recently, some media reported that the State Council was in principle and other contents of the SMB Group and the SME Heavy Industry, the company was verified◇△■, and The Companys Holdings Shareholders Sino-Boat Group conducted a special letter. The Mid-Boat Group said that there is no notification on the merger items○◁◆☆, there is no information that should be disclosed without any information that should be disclosed▲◆. Editor in charge△▪☆●: Zhang Yili.