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Original title: Seoul residents played Korean media because of “garbage Chengshan=●”: 都 中国 禁洋 “” South Koreas community has changed the garbage dump, waste plastics, such as the mountain “Pioneer Economics” report, due to waste recycling company refused to acquire The residential community of the renewable waste products such as plastics and foam boxes-▼, Seoul and other capital circles began to have a stack of unreasonable destination■◁◇◆. The media said that this chaotic situation is related to Chinas policy of stopping the import of “foreign garbage▪★◆▽”. According to the report, South Korean garbage collection company is declining with profits and is unprofitable. It is announced from the acquisition of waste plastics▽☆▽, foam products and plastic bottles from April. This decision has made a community that signed a waste recycling agreement with the recycling company•◁☆. Many residents threw waste plastics or foam products in the recycling station, but then no one recovered▲…, the more heap you. O◇□☆!

International Online Report (China International Radio International Reporter Liang Sai): On the 3rd, the 13th National Conference of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference opened in Beijing, and the annual nationwide two sessions officially opened. The British mainstream media, including “Economist” and the BBC, released the opening of the two sessions in the first time. British •▼▷△”Economist” Issue commentary……, China is currently the worlds largest exporter, accounting for more than 13% of global trade exports. “China has been integrated into the global economy. Chinese people are in mind, smartly and more=○…, China accounted for 12 people in the worlds most valuable listed companies▷◁●.” Regardless of the Chinese own, it is also an extraordinary prosperity in business. “Economist” also mentioned the “One Belt” Initiative, “almost no pha protein snack industry•▽●.

Original title: Niu to Yang Yanyu, the party secretary of the party group, the party secretary of the party group, Cheng Zhongyi no longer served on March 12th, the Anhui Forestry Department held the cadre meeting◁▽, announce the decision of the provincial party committee to be responsible for comrades, the provincial government party group Member…★, Vice Governor Zhang Shiguang attended the meeting and speaking△☆-, Zhu Chunxu, director of the provincial talents, and announced that the provincial party committee decided: Niu Ziyangs party secretary•●=…, nominted the provincial forestry department, the director of the Provincial Forestry Department•☆; Distance☆★▲★, party secretary of the hall. The cattle is speech to Yangzheng△▽, and Cheng Zhong will host a meeting. Niu Yanyang data map Zhu Chunxu emphasized when the provincial party committee decided that the provincial forestry department is mainly responsible for comrades▷●▼▪, which is the decision of the provincial party committee according to the work needs and promoting cadre▽○!

Original title: About Hebei Province Womens Prison Criminals Li Shuxian did not have a notification of the situation of preservation and medical conditions□●, and there was a news that “the 80-year-old old lady was rejected for two and a half years of medical treatment.” Hebei Province Prison Administration has paid attention to this matter●…◁. After investigation, this report involved in the womens prison in the province, Li Shuxian, who was prisoner. The criminal Li Shuxian, female•◁▼, born on December 1•▼◁=, 1934, people in Yingping County, Hebei Province. On November 18, 2016▷▷▼▪, he was sentenced to two years in prison for the crime of seeking trouble. From November 18, 2016 to March 21, 2016 (which was designated for 114 days■•, folded against prison 57 day). On December 16-■▷, 2016▼…◁•, he was sent to Hebei Province Womens Prison to serve. May 23, 201 lentil protein industry food grade gelatin bulk porcine gelatin target=_blank>are gelatin capsules halal – china hydrolyzed get!!

Source★▪: Politics see the original title: Taxation point, can adjust it fair? Dance (WeChat ID: Bqzhengzhiju) has started to live in two sessions of the country=★•★. I just kicked off, and the problem of tax governance points quickly detonated the national two sessions in 2018. □▼▷…”Individual income tax, everyone is generally believed that the starting point is too low. I learned that the Industrial and Commercial Federation proposes to 7◇△•-,000 yuan, I have to seek opinions, many people hope to start at 10▷★•…,000 yuan. No matter how much it is, The current startings are definitely too low. “The National Peoples Congress representative○▼◆, the famous screenwriter Zhao Dongxu is in the interview with the government□◇▷. In the spirit of conscientiously recognize, the political commander has interviewed the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference●…, and Liu Shangxi△●, the Dean of the China Finance Academy of Finance-◇…, representatives of the National Peoples Congress, Shanghai Finan.protein build up in industrial dish