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Original title: US military EA18G fighter South China Sea is disturbed? US media speculation is Chinas dry information◆□: Rose Welfare Aircraft Carrier [Global Military April 20] The US Navys EA-18G “roaring=▷◆■” electronic warplane is known for the powerful electronic pressure, but the US business insider website 18 Burst, the machine has recently been disturbed in the South China Sea. There is no evidence that there is no evidence that the interference comes from, but it is natural to think that this is Chinas dry. However-•, even American experts have doubtful attitudes. According to the report, the US Navys “Roosevelt☆-▼” nuclear power aircraft carrier has arrived in the Philippines▽…, and the pilot report on the ship depicts a disturbing scene – the increasing relationship with China. “The fact is that some of your equipment cannot work properly▪△…, some people try to interfere with you○=. .

Original title◇…▲◁: pay attention! The composition of these political and legal organs will change ▲▪◁▼..★☆. The Influence Today, the State Council Institutional Reform Plan will request a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress. According to the proposal of the State Council of Prime Minister Li Keqiang, these judicians, law enforcement agencies will have a major change gelatin dessert! Re-establish the Ministry of Justice Recommend the Ministry of Justice. Integrate the role of the Ministry of Justice and the Legal Office of the State Council, re-establish the Ministry of Justice as a department of the State Council. Form an emergency management department. The responsibilities of the State Administration of Safety, the emergency management responsibility of the State Council Office, the fire management responsibility of the Ministry of Public Security, the relief duties of the Civil Affairs Department, the geological disaster prevention and control of the Ministry of Water Resources•▪▽, the water supply department prevention, Ministry of Agriculture Prairie fireproof, national forestry bureaus forest fireproof pha 21st century japanese fish collagen nano peptides gelatin capsulas what is fish collagen peptide!

China New Network Beijing May 27 (Reporter Zhang Su) A “Family War” triggered by the childs score▲□, with the main line of the parent-child relationship, showing the relationship between the relationship between the mother-in-law, the relationship between teachers and students, and its contradiction … Interactive Experience the Psychological Drama “30 points◁△★”•▼, because of the real family story, there is a lot of audiences. On the 26th, the original •○▷”love for love=□▪○, beauty” interactive experience psychological drama ◁●☆▲”30 points■▷=▪” is staged in Lujiazui, Shanghai Pudong New Area△▷-, is staged◆◁▪, 80 community residents, enterprises The employee watched the performance▪▲. The so-called interactive experience psychological drama refers to the interaction of the role pla.

Original title△=○●: Politics Bureau documented Chinas economy: “How to change”? (Economic Observation) The Politics Bureau sets the Chinese economy: “How to change”? China News Agency-△▼, July 31 (Reporter Zhou Rui) Although Chinas economy maintained overall stable in the first half of the year, the external environment has changed significantly, and some new challenges have begun to appear. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held in the 31st clearly stated that the current economy has changed ■■★○”. Based on this judgment•□◆, the meeting decided to seize the main contradictions and deploy a series of targeted measures●▽○●. More than ten “steady” word hook sauna Chinas annual context In the first half of 2018▽□□◆, China GDP increased by 6.8% year-on-year☆▲○, and maintained between 6■▪▼.7% to 6.9% for 12 consecutive quarters. consid.120 bloom gelatin