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Zhongxin Net Yinchuan May 28 (Reporter Yu Jing) Reporter No. 28 Zhongwei City, Ningxia Zhongwei City The area has been approved by the national hub nodes of the national integrated data center, focusing on the national “East Section West” strategic task. Traditionally, China Communication Network is mainly built around the population aggregation, and the network node is generally concentrated in a wide range of people in the north, and the data center has strong network dependence, which is concentrated in urban deployment. In recent years, with the rapid expansion of the data center▼◆◇…, it has made higher requirements for land supply◇▽, energy protection, climate conditions, etc.■…□, existing urban capit▷□!

Source▽○: China Youth Net original title: Correctly grasp the basic idea of ​​socialist ideology construction □ General Secretary Cai Xin Music Pei Peis report pointed out in the 19th National Report: ▷★…”Must promote the popularization of Marxism China▷★, the construction has a strong cohesive force and The socialist ideology leading to the socialist ideology makes all the people together in the ideal belief◆•, value concept, and moral concept. “This discipline has created the basic idea of ​​socialist ideology construction, in summary is around a goal I adhere to a main line, highlight two requirements, grasp three eye points. Around a goal●◁☆: Ideological unity and unified Xi Jinping General Secretary said in the 19th National Report▷-●, such as “tight unity” in the Chinese nation, •◇”like sto▲◇△●!

Original title: Air China CA1350 was exposed by hijacking! The passenger tells that the shock time of the shock time occurred on April 15, the hijacking passenger event of Air China CA1350▪○, and 13 permissions have been successfully disposed of. Criminal suspect Xu (male, 41 years old▷◆▲, Hunan Anhua…△☆, mentally ill) was successfully captured by the police, and the incident has no casualties. After preliminary investigation, the suspect Xu took the flight to Beijing○□■, because of the sudden mental illness, holding a steel pen holding a passenger personnel, causing the flight 9:58 to set off Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. After the event on-site picture exposure◆○□▼, Henan public security organs and relevant departments quickly disposed. After work, passengers are all safe at 10-•:50◆□□●; 13, the suspect Xu was successfully captured▽▷. Current collagen halal.

Original title: Beijing Landscaping Bureau: “Aircraft Sahadi Moth●○” for frequent fake news in recent years○●, New Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang) Yesterday◁□, the Beijing News reporter reported that there were 12 provinces, city related departments in the country.谣 一 网 消 – “Recently▲■-, it is necessary to drive moths, do not go to outdoor activities.” Today (March 13), Beijing Landscaping Bureau also explained in its official Weibo▽◇☆=, saying that Beijings normal forestry prevention and treatment means did not affect residents. Beijing Landscaping Bureau posted a recent network rumor around the world and introduced that this is a false message that frequently appeared in social platform in recent years☆•. Beijing has no post to the “Garden Office” in the post. “The medicine of the aircraft is harmless to the human body, and it is expected that the time of the aircraft is not right. This is the thorough protein range solbar industries★▷.

Original title: Remove the black society to protect umbrella, end “Dean Jumping” Tragedy If you only sweep the black▽▪=☆, do not except “protective umbrella”, it will not be difficult to do not act◇△◁▼, chaos, and will continue to breed more fish public. Dark vine▽▪. ▲ The old site of Chengnan Hospital. Image Source: Xinjing Packet Ouyang Morning Rain Recently□▷•, the website of the Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has notified two cases involved in black and evil corruption and “protective umbrella”. One of them is, a black group in Langfang City, Hebei Province has long been holding rural grassroots regimes to seize illegal benefits. Yang Guangheng▼★■, the original Chairman Yang Guangheng, the original chairman of the Langfang City, the Sub-district-○, served as the “umbrella” of the black gang. It is worth noting that the protagonist of this black gang is the partner of Zhang Yi, the Dean of the Chengnan Hospital of Lufang City□◆, which was killed in this year, Yang Yizhon.which is better collagen or gelatinhydrolyzed bovine collagen peptide is gelatin made from horse target=_blank>grass fed bovine collagen peptides