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[protein industry meat]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 National Museum Director Wang Chunfa▽○: TV shows is not the only way to live in the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference••, and Wang Chunfa△-, a director of China National Museum◇□=, is accepted▽•. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yujing Xinjing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) This morning, in the National Political Consultative Participation-□, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Chinese National Museum•△★, Wang Chunfa, said in an interview▷■, “If the national treasure will speak “The” National Treasure “TV show□▷, not the only way to make the national treasure live, the road is a large road to Rome, should have a better way to make the cultural relics in the banquet. Wang Chunfa introduced that there is a huge gap between the collection and exhibits of each museum▼○▽. Taking the Forbidden City as an example, there are 1-•=.8 million pieces of collection, and it is really not 1%□□. Guo Bo h!

Original title•●: 2018 Air Force recruitment settles, complete start▪○-•, physical examination, psychological selection◇•, first move○△▽▪, April 12, 2013, Wuhan△▷, Hubei Province▽◇, 2013 Air Force recruits Wuhan station test site, candidates accept EEG test. Since March 5, the Air Force is fully launched in 2018. This year, the Air Force will set up the optional station in 8 places, organize ordinary high school graduates, military school graduates and junior high school graduates to participate in the selection test▲▽…, another number of outstanding young students who are in the air will stand out●◁=, Join the blue sky, start learning flight, fighting the long-empty life. According to the work arrangement, high school students will organize two phases, from March 5th to April 18th▼▪▽, the Air Force in Nanjing, Changsha○-◇■, Chengdu, Sh.

China News Agency△●•▽, on May 28 (Liu Liang) reporter learned from Sinopec from China on the 28th that Guangxis first carbon neutron gas station – China Petrochemical Guangxi Petroleum Baise Liuhua Gas Station was officially put into transport. The photovoltaic power generation of the station can reduce carbon emissions by 81▼★….5 tons, and after the gas station is self-carbon emissions…■□, it is still 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide▼●•, which is one of the first batch of carbon and gas stations in China▪▷◆△. Baise Liuhua Gas Station Photovoltaic power generation project=▽, using photovoltaic building integrated photovoltaic components□☆, overall design, overall construction★=, with light structure weight, low materials, stable installation▲△, long service life. After calculating■-●▲, the plant will reach 91 million▪☆●, except for suppl?

Original title: Yang Cai Review 丨 10 -==◆”China Economic Semi-Year News…◆○” 5=▷●△: Looking at the economic data of the first half of the year recently released◇□, the structure optimization upgrade of the first half of the year is a highlight: from the industrial composition◁○○, in the first half of the year The added value of the first industry, the secondary industry and the tertiary industry accounts for 5▲▼△.3%, 40=■.4% and 54.3%○▼▪, respectively●-◇, compared with the same period of the previous year◁▽○, down 0.5 percentage points○▼, secondary industry and third Industry specific weight increased by 0.2 and 0.3 percentage points respectively. In the first half of the year, the growth rate of manufacturing investment and private investment rebounded, an increase of 6.8%, 8.4%◇★, an increase of 1.3 and 1□○.2 percentage points from the same period last year, and the investment of high-tech manufacturing increased by 13▷▷▼.1%, which was greatly faster than the growth of all investment. July . are gelatin capsules halal gellatin gelatine bloom black gelatin capsules,