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[yellow gelatina]Original title◇▷●△: Xinjiang field investigation encountered 4 people in the southwestern Petroleum University, 4 people▲■◁…, July 30☆▲▽, the teacher of the Southwestern Petroleum University, leading the students in Xinjiang to carry out field geological exams, and accidentally encouraged mudslide disasters▲★▼=, the accident is still In the survey. The reporter learned from the Southwest Petroleum University that after the accident, the school sent a first-line working group on July 31 to investigate the Xinjiang▲•◁. The school working group has arrived in the Xinjiang accident on the afternoon of the 31st. The school will be announced after investigation◆=-☆. Editor in charge◆△◁▲: Huo ◆▼○?

Original title: About housing prices●◁▲☆, air quality◆•, sports reform□★=▽, and ministers responded! This morning▼■•, after the seventh chance of the 13th National Peoples Congress▷●○★, the fifth “ministerial channel” opened. The person in charge of the 7 State Council of the Conference was held accepted by reporters. The ministers responded to what hot issues, we will help you organize! The minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has been effectively inhibited in an effective inhibition of the housing prices. In the past year, the real estate market will maintain smooth operation=▲, and the housing prices have been effectively inhibited. The real estate market is expected to change. Keep the real estate market stable and healthy development, mainly include the following aspects▼…★▪: 1■△. Adhere to the regulatory target is not shaken★▽▽, the strength does not relax, maintain the continuity of the policy, stability•△☆▼; 2. Accelerate the establishment of multi-body supp.

Original title■▼: •=”Red Sea Action” is suddenly stopped in Vietnam◁•▷, only because this scene ..▽■. Movie…◇★, the Soldier Group completed the task, the picture of the East China Sea (ie, China South China Sea)▲◁-▽. Some Chinese warships are surrounded by an unknown nationality, saying that this is a Chinese territory, requiring it to leave★=. The total box office has exceeded the China Movie ▲●◇▷”Red Sea Action” of the RMB 35 billion, but it was offline in Vietnam. The Vietnam Express reported that the film contained the scene of the Chinese warship in the “disputed waters”△•●, causing disputes in Vietnam. “Red Sea Action” movie poster “Red Sea Action☆-■” began in Vietnam on March 16. “Vietnamese Express” said that the Vietnamese film issuance reported that the film stopped the show after the Vietnamese cinema was released on 10 days. Vietnam responsible for the fi marine gelatin manufacturer collagen used in products from candy to cosmetics is called•◆ fish gelatin kosher!collagen fish collagen peptides – hal edible tipowder 25kg bag gelatin powder!