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[best gelatin supplement]Original title•▲: Director of the Development and Reform Commission talked about the 18-year China economy, confidently achieved 6.5% growth target text Liberation Daily · View Journalist Chen Heyi Wang Le Le Le 3d National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a press conference at 10 oclock this morning, country Zhang Yifeng◁▼▽, the main committee of the Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Yong, deputy director, Ningji, who “innovation and improved macroeconomic regulation▲◁=▲, promoting high quality development”, answering questions about China and foreign reporters◇□•★. When answering how to look at Chinas economic growth expectation, He Lifeng said that the Chinese economy has a smooth and sustainable development last year▼■☆, and the Chinese economy has vitality, potential▪◁▼, and tenacity. The 6.5% growth target proposed by the Government Work Report is to meet the real economic situation in my country◇▽, and have confidence to achieve this goal. He Lifeng said●△=▼, 2017 Chinas econo◁●?

Original title: What signals are released for the first time in the new head of the Ministry of Finance•…? China s Finance and Tax System Reform. On the 25th, Li Kun, Minister of the Ministry of Finance, said in Chinas Development High-level Forum 2018, real estate tax legislation, personal income tax reform, etc. is steadily advanced. The personal income tax system will be reforming-•◁◇, according to the changes in the consumption level of the residents, improve the basic reduction fee standards reasonably. Increase the deduction of special costs such as child education and medical care. On the day of the forum, he also responded to the problem of the Chinese marketization process in China. Where is the power source from? ◇…=”Liu Kun (China Development High-level Forum for Figure) The following is Liu Kunmi▼•!

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, May 27, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee held a symposium in Beijing on the morning of the 27th□●○. The Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China•□, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Chairman Sui Battle Book attended the symposium and speaking. He emphasized that he should adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinpings socialist socialist thinking, and learn to implement the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on “three rural” work•●○☆, adhere to agricultural rural priority development, and implement and promote the promotion of rural revitalization. Promote agriculture high quality and efficient=…=•, rural shoulder, farmers rich. It is pointed out that the party center of Xi Jinping is highly valued by the countrys revitalization. General Secretary Xi Jinping issued many tim△▷.

Original title: The Yellow River has a late Oasis – Three generations of the three generations to cultivate the story of the plain Linhai Source●•▷•: Guangming Daily Guangming Daily reporter Wang Shengxi Ding Yan Guangming Daily correspondent Zhang Zengfeng is another year spring. Standing in the north of Henan Province★◇, the north of Henan Province, looking into the northwestern direction, only the northwestern direction of the Yellow River, the trees have begun to take the buds, the big green is pleasing, this green ocean is a famous Shenkan Lin☆•□-. Open the map of Henan, and there is a deep green shop in Yu, Lu▲△▽=,, 皖, 四 省. More than 100 years ago, Jiuqu Yellow River suddenly decided here, and Daqinghe rolled into the sea, leaving a thousand miles of Yellow River, and left a vast dune. Since 1950◇◆▷, in 68 years, the three generations a? Gelatin for Candy gelatin a valuable protein for food and pharmaceutical industries collagen pork beef gelatin powder halal gelatin factory,