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Original title: “The road is difficult▼▷•●, the security is difficult, the door is difficult◆△” The three big problems of express delivery “is nothing bad, it is not possible to solve the express□☆, if not◆○, take two □◁▲▼.△◆★.-○▪☆.” This should be a common common online shopping. Heart sound. With the rise of online shopping boom in recent years◇=◁, the express delivery service has now insects to peoples daily lives. According to data, the 2017 national express delivery volume is 406 billion△…☆, which is 33.4 times in 2007★▲▷•. The annual growth rate of 42% has been increased in the decade▽-●-. However, the logistics industry still has its own industry challenge▪-•. For example◇▲◆, the express vehicle is limited▪◆, causing express vehicles “road difficulties=▼”●□; express delivery network has a conflict with urban planning☆◇○, causing express delivery outlets …▲▽”Anjia Difficult△●◆•”◁•; express delivery mode to controversial, causing express parcels “to be difficult.

Original title: Government of the CPPCC, Feng Danlong=◁=△: More than 3 years, the national public place to smoke legislation will wait for the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee to ratify the World Health Organization “Tobacco Control Framework Convention☆-○” has been in my country has been effective for 12 years▪▲▼-, but my country has not yet developed nationality Tobacco laws or regulations★▷▷-. At present, 125 States Parties have developed and implemented non-smoking laws in public places with legal effect…◆=. “Tobacco smoke is seriously harmful to public health. The State Council Legal Office has announced” public places to control smoking regulations (send review) “on November 24, 2014=□, disclose opinions. But this Ligarian Leisimin is dragged for 3 years It has not been introduced so far. •☆”Feng Danlong members have once again question: How long does it take to control the lack of smoke in public places-●…? Since 2013, the Feng Danlong Committee has become a member of the National Committee of Chin collagen peptide drink gelatin factory☆….

On May 9, 2018▼▼, on the eve of Mothers Day, “The Songs of the Towel to the Party□▪-◇, Building a Chinese Dream – Singing the Song of the National Unity and Progress▽■▲=” The literary performance is successfully held in the Qinghai Yushukang Art Center. This event was jointly organized by Yushu Prefecture Womens Federation-■◇, Yushu State Womens Work Union△□■, Yushu Prefecture Civilization Office▲◆●○, Yushu Prefecture, Jade State Civil Establishment, and Supreme Survey. As the opening section of the show, Yushu Prefecture Womens Federation, Yushu Municipal Party Government and Beijing Lianyi Charity Foundation, and join hands with “Health Dream * Good Morning Plan – Critical Maternal and Premature Infant Transport System” project as a Special gifts are given to all Tibetan mothers in the state. Lin Feng President is a chairman of Yushuzhou Womens Federation Chairman White Malays=●, Yushu City Deputy Mayor Ren Yongji passed the project love card. This project is from Yushu Prefecture Womens Federation•▷◇…, Yushu Municipal Committ.21st century japanese fish collagen nano peptides review