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[halal gelatin candy]Original title▼■●△: Yongcheng County is awarded the “Millennium Xiu Lin” protected by Xiongan New District☆•△■: Anyone may not dig the soil to further strengthen the protection and management of the “Millennium Xiu Lin” in Xiongan New District to ensure the safety of forest resources and ecological environment◆▪◇, according to The relevant legal provisions such as the “Forest Law of the Peoples Republic of China” and the “Forest Fire Regulations★○…” of the State Council will strengthen the “Millennium Xiu Lin” forest area protection and management notices are as follows: 1-△. Forest area: Xiongan New District “Millennium Show Forest ★○■◁”afforestation plots and surrounding areas, East to Xiong County County…◆, south to Baiyangdian North Dike, west to Baigou Taoist Hori Road, north to Pingwang Township Shenwang Village, Gao Xiaowang Village Village. Second□▼, any unit and individual, may not dig the sand in the forest area, funeralize the graves, and build a variety of buildings. Third□△, without allowing◁-…▽, the social vehicle is banned from entering the unopened forest ar.

Xinhua News Agency◁■▼▽, Beijing on July 25, the Central Committee…★■…, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce held a television conference, deploying the promotion of the reform and development of the business association of the Industry and Commerce. Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Minister of the Central Committee, the Ministry of Central Committee, the Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and the Chairman of the National Industry and Commerce Chairman Gao Yunlong attended the meeting and speaking. The privilege emphasizes that it is necessary to guide the sense of responsibility and mission by Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristics and the partys 19th National Spirit. To promote the work of the United Front, to the Chamber of Commerce, give full play to the guidance○•○, guidance, service functions of the Industry and Commerce, and explore innovation Chamber of Commerce, strengthen the construction of standardized construction, and cultivate the development of China Characteristic Chamber of Commerce. All relevant departments must be under the unified leadership of the party committ fish collagen peptides powder.

Original title•★△: The agricultural rural department officially listed, Han Chang Yun, the Ministry of Agriculture In March this year□•▼, the original “Ministry of Agriculture of the Peoples Republic of China” renamed •☆○”The Agricultural Rural Department of the Peoples Republic of China◁△”. In the updated “Department Leaders■△” column▲●▪=, Han Chang was honored by Ministers, Party Secretary. The remaining 12 leaders are, Yu Xinrong, Han Jun, Zhang Tao Lin, Qu Dong Yu–, Wu Qinghai•◇, Yu Chi, Song Jianchao, Tang Huajun□-◇, Wu Hongyao, Zhang Zhongqiu, Ma Aiguo, Zhang He Cheng. According to the State Council Reform Plan approved by the 13th National Peoples Congress, the responsibilities◁▷◇, the responsibilities of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Development and Refo?

China Xinwang Yichang May 28th (Dong Xiaobin Du Yuting He Kun) reporter “Yichang won the provinces Yangtze River Protection top ten landmarks” three joints “press conference, 2021 1 Up to May◇○, Hubei Yichang is incorporated into the national ▲★•◇”water ten=-▪▼” surface water assessment of the surface water assessment of 100%, and the Yangtze River flow stabilizes II water standards◆■▲□. Yichang Tujiang Middle and Upper Tour◇☆=, It is the ecological barrier of the Three Gorges Coach Dam area and the ecological sensitivity area of ​​the Yangtze River basin. Place an overwhelming position, sta bovine collagen peptides vegetarian◁=.

Original title: The level of the Imormin grassroots general doctors ability is not on March 5, and the Hongfu Building, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Norgamin received an interview with the Beijing News reporter. Beijing News reporter Tao Yuejing National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference★…, Beijing Shijingshan District Angute Community Health Service Center Jinwei Community Health Service Station Webmaster Nomini is a general practitioner from the grassroots level. Her first participation in the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference this year, she has brought about “improved health education and expanded health education audience□▪◇”◆…. She hopes that more young people can be covered by “health education”, prevent chronic diseases, and improve the health level of the whole people. Yesterday, Nomin received an interview with the Beijing News reporter. She said that she has to bring the experience of the grassroots to the conference of the negotiation☆◆▷, and the future should be more seriously investigated, and the practical proposal is proposed. Talk about new membe●=.