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[gelatin compound]Original title=▲: Ministry of Foreign Affairs=△: Wang Ma Fang respects MMS MH370 lost China Passenger home justified the right to work [Global Network Comprehensive Report] August 3◇☆, 2018, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson hosted a routine reporter meeting, there is a reporter asked Tao, Malaysia MH370 passenger incident event investigation team held a meeting in Beijing and Malaysia MH370 lost Chinese passengers○◇★◁. what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue? Requirements, we have always focusing on the work of Malaysia MH370 passenger planes, and also noticed that Malaysia Transportation Ministers recently regard to the relevant statements of MH370 passenger planes without abandonment. I hope that Ma Fangzhi emphasizes the justice rights of Chinas passengers○-▼, paying attention to their legitimate appeal, and continue to do follow-up◆★▷. Click to enter the topic•■: Mast?

Original title: Focus Be careful, China Beidou is staring▪★○! As Beidou Satellite speeds up the network, some investors and local governments have funded funds in recent years☆△=, giving support, building a variety of industrial parks as the banner. The reporter has recently developed in Chongqing□▷▪□, two constructions of the Beidou Industrial Park, which built many years, and the rest of the commercial real estate, the other is large○○△, but the research and development•=▼●, the product is full of mystery. Industry insiders believe that the technical threshold of the Beidou navigation positioning related industries is high▲☆▪, the market is strong, and all localities are not seriously screening, blindly project, giving support, not only resource waste, but also impact the cultivation of the North Dishi military and civilian industry△●◇▼. For the risks of the walnuts of the Northern Burder, they should be vigilant. Farmers use Beidou navigation to sow vegetables. Wang Peng took over the construction of the city to now, the Northern Fighting Navigation Industrial Pa▲▼★.

Resolutely support in-depth learning and propaganda and implementation of constitutional amendments – Law Legal Learning Propaganda and Implementation of Constitution Symposium Summary Companies Press: March 11th▷●▽•, the 13th National Peoples Congress a meeting vote adopted the Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China. On the afternoon of March 13th◁◇◇, Guo Shengyu, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, presided over the legal industry to learn to promote the Constitutional Symposium. China Law Society and related law research sessions, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law and the National Lawdal Association participated in the discussion. Everyone is unanimous, fully agree, resolutely support the constitutional amendment, to take the lead to learn good and publicize the constitution, and strongly maintain the authority of the constitution and actively promote the implementation of the Constitution. The following is a summary of the experts. increa?

Original title: Academician Zhongnan: The current flu does not need to increase the alert level ◇●□•”Hey, you just saw that there is no▼★◇, the clock is jumping on the speaker?” On February 28th□▽●, in Suning Purfux Engineering and “2018 Air Conditioning White Paper” released the scene•△▲▪, A viewer was looking at the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering☆★•, and the director of the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center came to the stage, turning his face and sighing to ask the Zappian news reporter. Indeed, 82-year-old Zhongnan Mountain, how all the four words of ▲◇•”耄耋 老人◆△◁” is impressed. He is young in a gray suit, wearing many men who are present than present. A half-day fixed clinic, often overtime, three or four times a week, there are still many studies in the hand to carry out, Zhongnan Mountain has to actively☆▼▽◁. -▽◆”Dare to say△◁” is fifteen six years a…•.

Original title▪•=•: The procuratorial organs are permanent, Luo Fuxi, and Sun Yanjun mentioned that the Tianjin procuratorial organs were permanent suspected of accepting bribes, abuse their powers, and corruption…△, and the first party committee, director of the Tianjin Geological Mineral Exploration and Development. Permanent (Zhengshi) is suspected of accepting bribes▷○▲•, abusing the sin of authority, and is a case of corruption▪○•…. The Tianjin Municipal Peoples Procuratorate shall be given a public prosecution from the First Intermediate Peoples Court of Tianjin■▼. The procuratorate informed the defendants permanent litigation rights in the review of the prosecution, and asked the defendant to permanently and listened to his opinion. The first branch of the Tianjin Peoples Procuratorate: 2004 to 2017, the defendant permanently used the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Management Committ pectine halal industrial scale protein purification protein industry us is native path a reputable company!