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industrial gelatin manufacturers making jelly pectin,[industrial gelatin for adhesive]Original title▲=: Partys birthplace The four major memorial halls of the Communist Party of China, combing Zhou Enlai Shanghai Struggle Footprint March 5, 2018, Zhou Enlai 120th Anniversary•△☆•. In order to commemorate the ■=■…”Peoples Good Prime Minister”, on the morning of the 5th, the “Zhou Enlai and Shanghai=•▪=” picture show opened in the four major memorials of the CPC, “The Faculty of the Faculty=▪” Theme Synchronous start. At the picture exhibition●-▷, the four major memorials of the CPC Research In recent years, I have visited Zhou Enlai in Shanghai, living and fighting the old site, combing the historical materials of the literature, with 10 important places, and planned this exhibition. Show this great proletarian revolutionist, politician○=, military home=▽△-, diplomat in Shanghais revolutionary history and his intakes with this city. “Zhou Enlai and Shanghai” picture exhibiti△■…?

Express Taobao Data China Earthquake Network officially determined○•▷, 44-level earthquake occurred at 21:48 in Taiwan at 21:48 on April 16th, the seismy source is 18 kilometers, the earthquake is located 23.05 degrees north latitude◇◇▪, 121.37 degrees East, is about Taiwan Island 2 km◆▪-▲. The epicosome of the earthquake is automatically written by the machine from 22:25◇■▪■:25•▲:25, 2018◁•◇☆, for use in 8 seconds, and the public beta is for reference only…▷▽. Editor in charge: Huo ?

Original title: my countrys high-speed rail automatic driving technology is about to test the test verification representative committee brings new news technology daily Beijing March 8 (Reporter Corporation) National Peoples Congress◁◇•, China Railway Corporation Party Secretary□▪△•, General Manager Lu Dongfu 8th to Science and Technology Daily reporter It is revealed that new Beijing Shen high-speed rail is expected to achieve new breakthroughs in intelligent technology. At present, it is prepared to fully test the new Beijing-Shenzhou high-speed rail organization, do a good job of autonomous control, automatic driving=▷, railway next-generation mobile communication, intelligent substation□…, Beidou and BIM platform application system•△◁, etc◇▪■. The high-speed rail technology realizes a new breakthrough, and the test results will be put into application when the Beijing high-speed rail is opened. Lu Dongfu said that China Railway will use cloud computing, Internet of Things-▲☆, big data, Beidou positioning▪★, 5G communication, artificial intelligence and other information technolo…★•◆.

Original title: Official release▽◆: Qinghai Golmud, Deduha excellent leader was suspended on March 17, the Hydropower Water Conservancy Planning and Design Affairs Office issued a notice, and suspend Qinghai Golmud, Drescenta photovoltaic power generation application according to the relevant requirements of the National Energy Administration Base construction, relevant application materials shall be sealed according to law–. The full text is as follows: All relevant enterprises: In order to implement the construction of photovoltaic power generation leading base construction□▷, maintain the seriousness◆☆, effectiveness of the base construction policy, promote the improvement of photovoltaic power business, the construction of the social integrity system☆■★, and ensure the smooth development of the construction base▼=◁•, according to the country The relevant requirements of the Energy Administration, the relevant matters related to Golmud, Deloha photovoltaic power generation applications are as follows: First, in confirmation of Golmud, Deling Harcelon-racing base is levied according to the provincial governme.

Original title■■: Ingneng Jing Weibo said “I am Chinese”▲△◇, after the green media, we must say! Green media refers to the family background with Japanese factors. “Are you a special molecule●△?◁★” “I am Chinese ambar protein industries centrum gelatin! Are you forgotten a ancestor-□•?▪▷” This is a question and answer that happened on the 14th in Taiwanese artist Inee. This question tells the view of the mainland netizens ↓ In this era of “network unity◆▽■=” on both sides, I can cant discover by Taixia in Weibo. Sure enough…◁=, on the 15th, the green media in many islands reported the answer to Yi Nengjing. Among them, Taiwans “Free Times” also has such a paragraph: other green media also reported with wind, and said that the mainland is “China▲…”: “Yi Neng Jing and Chinese male star Qin Yan again married a wom xiamen hyfine gelatin!