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Original title★…△▽: US Trade Policy Representative LeTheze: China and the United States hope A 60-day window period will be given before the entry into force of Chinas commodity tariffs, or before June this year or will not undertake tariffs. When asked whether China and the United States may avoid tariff conflicts through negotiations, Wright Sizawei said-◇△: “I think this has hope▼▷.” He also said that China and US trade relations “will bring a good place” will need a few Year time. In the interview, LeTheze said that the total amount of the total amount of more than $ 50 billion will include most high-tech products. He said that these items will be selected by the computer algorithm, aimed at maxim○=!

Zhongxin Net Chongqing May 28 (Reporter Zhong Rong) promoted the fifth meeting of the Sichuan Minhe Cooperation of the Sichuan Minhe Cooperation in Chengdu-Chongqing District, held in Chongqing on the 28th. At the meeting, the Ministry of Sichuan▽◆◆, the people of the Sichuan△-, combined with “I have a practical thing for the masses”, and I have signed the “Great Promotion Agreement▪…” (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement-▼”), aim of “Agreement★▽”). It is more convenient and fast, and talent flows is more efficient, and talent flows is more convenient•▪◆, fast and fast. Suxi•-=•, deputy director of the Chongqing Human Social Security Bureau, •◁”Ten practical” in the ▲□●◆”Agreement” mainly includes four major sections of personnel talents, employment services○●■, social insurance▲◆■●, and labor rights▲▼, including 4 item.

The Yunnan Provincial Government has carried out regulatory assessments in the form of migrant workers in the form of documents to ensure the rights and interests of migrant workers. Web screenshot traditional migrant workers output large province Yunnan, is conducting an exploration-▷■◇: as a city★■, the government supervised migrant workers salary payment work. Yesterday, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Yunnan Provincial Government Office that Yunnan Province issued the “Work Issue of Works in Yunnan Province” (hereinafter referred to as ◆◆”Assessment Measures”) The salary payment work will be supervised and clear the assessment content. The provinces of Yunnan will score through self-examination, sampling investigation▪…▲, verification materials▪•…▷, unispentry, etc.▲…●, and divide A, B, C3 levels▷★●◇. Assessment as a local government of C, will be reported to criticize and recti?

Zhang Yudao firmly grasps the “retreat” and “enter”, “quantity” and “quality”, “speed★◁” and “efficacy” dialectics, firmly grasp the …▪□▷”root” and “soul” of the reform and opening up, “Soul” my countrys economy has grown from rapid growth The stage turns to the high quality development stage. Accurately grasp the characteristics of the era of economic development◁•▪▷, with the guidance of Xi Jinpings new era, Chinas new district has promoted the construction of Beijing-Tianjin-Hezhi Development and Service Xiongan New District as a major political task○▷…-, actively created prosperity and livable wisdom New City, and strive to work hard The track of high quality development is steady◁◆. Thought is the precursor of action. Promote high-quality development◁★▽, the primary is to break through the uncomfortable ideas of rigidity◇◁, get rid of the idea of ​​large-scale investment, get rid of the thinking inertia of the large-scale debt▷○△▼, and more accurate keratin collagen vital proteins collagen peptides fish.bone gelatin

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