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Original title: Yang Chicang, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport: The speed of ○…◇”super high-speed rail” is not the unreachable dream Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) Chinas high-speed rail =◇”revival▼•” started last year, not only improved railway transport Self-technical capabilities▪★…☆, also become “business cards★▼” in China. Yang Chicang★•, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport▲◇•, revealed in the serving Chaoguang program, and will further strengthen the technological innovation of high-speed rail technology in the future☆▼•◁, and the speed of “super high-speed rail▲●” is not a distant dream. Yang Chicang introduced that the revival has independent intellectual property rights and technology has reached the worlds advanced level. Running up to 350 kilometers per hour-▼, and the speed of actual operation in the world is the fastest△▷▽☆. Chinas high-speed rail has not only provided a faster★■▽, mo▲◇▪….

Original title Korean media: China Enterprise is filled with technical innovation blank development to grab the eyes of Korean enterprises□▷□, the original place▪▷, the original picture…◆: ▷△…”Shenwei Taihu Light” supercomputer (photo June 20○★△▼, 2016)…•. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Loun Reference Information Network reported on March 29 to say that China is developing into a world technology innovation country△•. According to the ▲□◇”50 most intelligent enterprises” of the ○◆…”Massachusetts Science and Technology Review◁=”▷=△, Chinese companies grow up for two consecutive years-◇▽△. According to South Koreas “Asian Economy” reported on March 29. It is reported that the list does not focus on the companys famous or market value in traditional consolidation, but pay attention to ▽△•”the most effective use of new technology to commercial” companies. Popularity is more concerned about companies that have both sustained technological innovation and models transform them. These !

Original title◇◇★▼: World Cup, a bit “cold☆•” in Taiwan (said Taiwan) map is the 2018 World Cup identification◁▼◆. The crayfish is equipped with beer, the bar is crowded, the cheers continue, the social media is mad screen … no cow gelatin halal capsules citrus pectin powder•▷▼◇ gelatin without target=_blank>bovine collagen peptides pregnancy chicken collagen type ii target=_blank>gelatin capsulas – 21st century japanese fisholgen nano peptides ! This is not the scene of the World Cup in Taiwan. In Taiwan-▪, the World Cup is not so lively◇☆, it is necessary to cool more. Television is difficult to find live game Channel World Cup is fierce★-●. The first game after the opening ceremony Russias large score of 5-10 is very exciting. On the same day, there is a remote control in the mainland friends in Taiwan◆★. I havent found the channel of the live game over and over again■▪◁. It is also full of live broadcast★▪=▲. The Russian team goes, and the –△•”Huadi•▲■” named with live rights is still in the opening ceremony, the mainland friends live directly: ▪▷□”Its a joke.” Later, he passed the Taiwan friend◇•▲▽?industrial protein expression g l